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When does the next episode of Ruhun Duymaz air? Is the show renewed or cancelled? Where can I find the upcoming air dates for Ruhun Duymaz?
9.625/10 IMDb
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz
Ruhun Duymaz

Ruhun Duymaz, is , , & television series that premiered on July 24, 2023 and set to air on , , . It consists of 1 season with 9 episodes.

Onur Karasu is a successful intelligence agent who was promoted to head of the department at a young age and has been after Civan Koral, the owner of Turkey’s largest jewelry company. Onur, who thinks that Civan keeps the documents related to his illegal business in the safe in his house, becomes lovers with Civan’s sister Hilal in order to get in and out of the house. When he learns that Civan will move abroad, Onur makes a sudden decision to propose to Hilal in order to get the documents without letting her get away. He plans to open the safe on their engagement day and arrest Civan, who is there for his sister’s engagement. What he doesn’t take into account is Hilal’s close friend Ece. While Ece is trying to figure out what Onur is up to, her plans are upset when Onur catches her. Onur and Ece, two poles as opposite as day and night, will have to work together in a way they never wanted to.

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Season: 1

Episode: 9

Name: 9. Bölüm

Aired: September 23, 2023

Schedule Day:Monday
Airs on:Turkey at 08:00 PM - Official
Original Title:Ruhun Duymaz
First air date:Jul. 24, 2023
No. of seasons:1
No. of episodes:9
Average Duration:120 minutes
Network:, ,
on Other sites:TVMAZE | Wikipedia | Wikipedia | IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes | Metacritic
Recent Date: Sep. 23, 2023
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