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When does the next episode of Rising Impact air? Is the show renewed or cancelled? Where can I find the upcoming air dates for Rising Impact?
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Rising Impact
Rising Impact
Rising Impact
Rising Impact

Rising Impact, also known as ライジングインパクト, is television series that will debut on June 22, 2024 and set to air on . It consists of 1 season with 2 episodes.

Gawain Nanaumi is a third-grader with an incredible love for baseball and making the ball really fly. In a chance encounter with a female professional golfer, Kiria Nishino, he learns that golf will allow him to hit a ball further than any other sport.

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Misaki Kuno isGawain Nanaumi (voice)
Gawain Nanaumi (voice)
Yumiri Hanamori isLancelot Normal (voice)
Lancelot Normal (voice)
You Taichi isKiria Nishino (voice)
Kiria Nishino (voice)
Atsumi Tanezaki isKurumi Nishino (voice)
Kurumi Nishino (voice)
Katsuyuki Konishi isKai Todoin (voice)
Kai Todoin (voice)
Shunsuke Takeuchi isRiser Hopkins (voice)
Riser Hopkins (voice)
Yuto Uemura isLiebel Ringvald (voice)
Liebel Ringvald (voice)
Kaede Hondo isYumiko Koizumi (voice)
Yumiko Koizumi (voice)
Yumi Uchiyama isPlatalissa Bonaire (voice)
Platalissa Bonaire (voice)
Eiji Takemoto isWanglian Li (voice)
Wanglian Li (voice)

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