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When does the next episode of Ciao House air? Is the show renewed or cancelled? Where can I find the upcoming air dates for Ciao House?
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Ciao House
Ciao House
Ciao House

Ciao House, is television series that premiered on April 15, 2023 and set to air on . It consists of 3 seasons with 10 episodes.

Ten rising culinary stars live together in a breathtaking Italian villa and compete against each other as individuals and in teams to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes. Described as “Big Brother” meets “Under the Tuscan Sun,” the participants must also navigate alliances and rivalries as they pick their own teams. Each week, the losing team must vote off one of their own. In the end, only the last chef standing wins the life-changing grand prize: an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs.

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