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When does the next episode of Yalan air? Is the show renewed or cancelled? Where can I find the upcoming air dates for Yalan?
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Yalan, is , & television series that premiered on May 27, 2024 and set to air on . It consists of 1 season with 3 episodes.

Melike, who survived in prison for 20 years for the sake of her daughter, fell into the middle of a big lie when she was released. All the injustices and evil done to her unravel in the face of Melike, who draws her strength from goodness and light.

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Previous Episode

Season: 1

Episode: 1

Name: 1. Bölüm

Aired: May 27, 2024

Next Episode

Season: 1

Episode: 2

Name: 2. Bölüm

Date: June 3, 2024

Yalan Episodes (Titles & Air Dates) Guide

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Season 1
2024 - Episodes 3
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Season 1 of Yalan premiered on May. 27, 2024.
    What is the original title of the show?
    When did the Yalan premiere?
    How many seasons does the show have?
    How many episodes are there?
    When will the next episode come out?
    How long is each episode on average?
    Where can I watch online?

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