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When does the next episode of Kill la Kill air? Is the show renewed or cancelled? Where can I find the upcoming air dates for Kill la Kill?
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Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill, also known as キルラキル, is , , , & television series that premiered on October 4, 2013 and set to air on . It consists of 1 season with 24 episodes.

Honnouji Academy is forcefully ruled by the iron-fisted control of its student council and its president, Satsuki Kiryuuin. Transfer student, Ryuuko Matoi, arrives on campus carrying a giant sword, that is actually half of a scissor. She is looking for the woman who holds the other half of her sword who killed her father. It is said that Satsuki Kiryuuin knows the identity of the killer but when Ryuuko confronts her she is beaten by the student council and their powerful “goku uniforms” whom she cannot match in strength. However, once Ryuuko receives her own “Kamui” by the name of Senketsu , the odds are lifted in her favor.

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Ami Koshimizu isRyuko Matoi (voice)
Ryuko Matoi (voice)
Ryoka Yuzuki isSatsuki Kiryuin (voice)
Satsuki Kiryuin (voice)
Aya Suzaki isMako Mankanshoku (voice)
Mako Mankanshoku (voice)
Akio Nojima isMitsuzo Soroi (voice)
Mitsuzo Soroi (voice)
Katsuyuki Konishi isTsumugu Kinagase (voice)
Tsumugu Kinagase (voice)
Hiroyuki Yoshino isHoka Inumuta (voice)
Hoka Inumuta (voice)
Tetsu Inada isIra Gamagori (voice)
Ira Gamagori (voice)
Romi Park isRagyo Kiryuin (voice)
Ragyo Kiryuin (voice)
Yukari Tamura isNui Harime (voice)
Nui Harime (voice)
Yuji Ueda isShiro Iori (voice)
Shiro Iori (voice)

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